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Error Handling

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  • mvmaasakkers/go-problemdetails - Problem json implementation ( package for go
  • moogar0880/problems - RFC-7807 compliant library for describing HTTP errors
  • mschneider82/problem - A go library that implements application/problem+json and application/problem+xml
  • go-ozzo/ozzo-validation - An idiomatic Go (golang) validation package. Supports configurable and extensible validation rules (validators) using normal language constructs instead of error-prone struct tags.
  • go-playground/validator - Go Struct and Field validation, including Cross Field, Cross Struct, Map, Slice and Array diving
  • rotisserie/eris - Error handling library with readable stack traces and flexible formatting support
  • pkg/errors - Simple error handling primitives
  • cockroachdb/errors - Go error library with error portability over the network
  • emperror/errors - Drop-in replacement for the standard library errors package and
  • emperror/emperror - The Emperor takes care of all errors personally
  • go-stack/stack - Package stack implements utilities to capture, manipulate, and format call stacks.
  • juju/errors - Common juju errors and functions to annotate errors. Based on juju/errgo
  • asaskevich/govalidator - Package of validators and sanitizers for strings, numerics, slices and structs
  • Southclaws/fault - Go errors but structured and composable. Fault provides an extensible yet ergonomic mechanism for wrapping errors.
  • samber/oops - Error handling library with context, stack trace and source fragments
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